My Doll House Minature projects

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A 50 cent tea pot UPDATED!!!

 From  butterfly flower arrangement to a 
 table and Tea set!


 I painted the base and the top!
I like it much better now!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Reading Nook in a book!

This is the back of the book box.
I forgot to take one of the front
 but it look the same on both sides!
This is the front with a window and flower box
See the little birdie sitting on top?
this was before...
 with a different man and no window
I was trying to figure how
far I should extend the floor
The final finished book box
Reading Nook!
Wallpapered and carpeted!
close up 
Curtains I made with the Pretty Pleater! 

I cut the picture out of a calendar
I hope you enjoyed my little
Reading Nook!!